Tying Materials

There can be great variation in any natural material, please call or email with your particular needs and we will "hand pick"; any material from our inventory. Also, as availability is limited, there may be a time that we cannot provide what you want, we may offer substitutes, but we will not do so without your approval. We have multiple sources for most of these materials, but some materials are notoriously difficult to keep in inventory, we can put you on a "waiting list" and notify you when we have them again, only if you wish.

Tying tube flies.

Comparing Hackles.


We are willing to split most skins for a small fee, some limited availability skins cannot be split. Please Call.

Blue Eared Pheasant Green Pheasant
Blue Eared

Blue Eared Pheasant is the ulimate heron substitute, in many ways better, it is appropriate in length for fishing flies. Useful for Classic Spey flies as well as collars and dividers on tubes, it is the subtle finishing touch to a very classy fly. Limited availability on skins and sized packages.

Green Pheasant

Green Pheasant body feathers are dark with iridescent green, (peacock) fibers that add a touch of life to predominately dark flies, great for dividers and collars.

Skins $39.95. Reasonable availability.

Schlappen Spey Hackle

Large packages offering a variety of sizes. Great for webby palmered flies and collars. $7.00/package. We stock Schlappen in the following coors: Black, grey, Hot Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, White, Olive Variant, Olive, Highlander Green, Kingfisher Blue, Hot Pink, Fl. Chartreuse and Magenta

Spey Hackle

(Hand Selected Schlappen).25 hand selected "spey hackles" for traditional spey flies up to 2/0. Great for collars and dividers on tubes. $4.95/package. We stock Steelhead Spey Hackle in the following colors: Natural Black, Natural Furnace, Heron Grey, Claret, Purple, Highlander Green, White,Yellow, Burnt Orange and Brown.

Spey Plumes Dyed over White Pheasant
Spey Plumes

(Mini Ostrich) Spey Plumes are the collar material for Mikael Frodin's latest patterns. Moves "like a Willy's in four wheel drive". Spey Plumes are $3.50/package of 10. We stock Spey Plumes in the following colors: Black, Chartreuse, Brown, Claret, Red, Fl. Yellow, Green Highlander, Heron Grey, Hot Orange, Olive, Purple and Silver Doctor Blue.

 Dyed over White Pheasant

These feathers are like oversized hen saddle or giant soft hackles, will tie small spey flies and are great for dividers and collars. Skins also have some fantastic "mini marabou" and aftershafts, (some say filoplume), which can be wrapped instead of ostrich herl for butts and heads. Skins are $39.95. We stock Dyed over White Pheasant skins in the following colors: Black, Chartreuse, Heron Grey, Hot Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow.

Rhea Jangle Cock
Rhea Jangle Cock
Dyed Grizzly Saddles Marabou
Dyed Grizzly Saddle Patch Marabou
Jailhouse Marabou Jailhouse Fly
Jailhouse Marabou Jailhouse Fly
Tip Dyed Marabou Mottlebou
Tip Dyed Marabou Mottleboou