Tying Materials

Their can be great variation in any natural material, please call or email with your particular needs and we will "hand pick"; any material from our inventory. Also, as availability is limited, there may be a time that we cannot provide what you want, we may offer substitutes, but we will not do so without your approval. We have multiple sources for most of these materials, but some materials are notoriously difficult to keep in inventory, we can put you on a "waiting list" and notify you when we have them again, only if you wish.

Tying tube flies.

Comparing Hackles.

Bob's fly

Arctic fox tail is probably the most common winging material for large flies, and this translates to tubes very well. It is available in many colors and in lengths of 2.5” to 5” with longer hair possible. It moves great in the water and tied flat in stages can produce a large silhouette with very sparse dressing, (keeping the wet weight to a minimum).
Although not quite as soft or, (is some cases), long as temple dog. It is much more consistently available and less expensive. It makes a great fishing fly that is plenty long for any of the waters that I fish. Adding a top layer of temple dog to base layers of Arctic Fox will allow very large flies at a fraction of the cost of an all dog fly...Bob B.

Pete fly

Hakan Norling first used temple dog hair in the mid 1980´s and since its discovery the “temple dog” style of tie has become a household name in the world of swinging flies for Atlantic salmon and steelhead.
Temple dog hair is extremely soft in texture, has very few guard hairs and a lack of under fur. These properties make for tremendous movement and a pulsating action as the fly swims across the current. The softness of the hair brings the illusion of life to the fly and un-like other soft materials such as marabou, it will hold its shape and maintain a large profile during the swing.
My personal preference is to combine fox hair with Temple dog. I like the properties of fox tail for the under wing and prefer the softer texture and uniform length of temple dog for the top wing...Peter H.

Jamey's fly

My main draw to Finn Coon tail as a tying material is the variety of hair in one tail. The underfur is ultra soft, and very fluffy. It varies in length from 1-3in. I prefer to remove all of the guard hairs when using it for underwings in Scandinavian style tube flies, as well as traditional style salmon patterns. It compresses very tightly to keep the head size to a minimum when whip finishing a fly.
The guard hairs are a tad stiffer and stand up very nicely. They vary in length from 2-4in. A few of them in with the underfur will create a great base for a perfect wing profile. The guard hairs also have a very translucent quality to them, much akin to Polar Bear.
Overall, the fur absolutely comes alive when wet. It soaks up water well and sinks quickly. I would recommend it for use as underwings on large tube flies, and hair wings on wet Salmon patterns size #3 and smaller...Jamey M.


Temple Dog,(a.k.a. Tempelhund) "Extra Large Temple Dog"  $20.00
Temple Dog

Temple Dog came to it's glory as a substitute for Arctic Fox Tail for an order that Hakan Norling needed to fill. It has gained recognition as the ultimate material for Scandinavian Style tube flies. We offer Temple Dog in two sizes; large (5-10cm) and XL (10cm+) It moves incredibly well in the water and is easy to work with, but can be difficult to keep in stock, (especially in the 4" plus sizes). Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Large length packages are $9.95/piece, We stock Temple Dog the the following colors: Black, White, Highlander Green, Olive, Yellow, Fuschia, Purple, Red, Natural Grey and Orange.

Temple Dog

Extra Large Temple dog hair over 10 centimeters long, only $20.00 Limited availability - get it while you can. Colors: Black, Olive, Orange, Yellow, Fl. Lime, Purple and Blue.

Snowrunner    $12.00

Arctic Fox Tail $4.95 Notes
Arctic Fox

The Arctic Fox Tail that we stock comes from multiple sources, and ranges from 2.5" to 5" in length. This is the "go to" winging material for many tiers as it will tie excellent "fishing flies" and will also do presentation quality flies, (which we fish anyway), it is reasonably priced at $4.95/piece. We stock Arctic Fox Tail in the following colors: Black, Green, Olive, Yellow, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Chartreuse, Kingfisher Blue, Gray and Orange.

Many tiers have there preferences when it comes to winging furs for their flies, I would encourage you to experiment with each and see for yourself the subtleties that each material adds to a fly. Longer is not always better, why pay for 6" hair and only use 3" of it in a base layer, you will find that using hair that is the correct length will produce fuller flies with less material.

Ice Dub Shimmer Fringe $5.95 Ice Dub Minnow Back Shimmer Fringe $5.95
Shimmer Fringe Minnow Back
Extra Select Craft Fur $3.50 Ice Fur $3.00
Craftfur Ice wing
Lite Brite Hank $2.50 UV Ice Wing $3.00
Lite Brite Hank UV Wings
Holographic Flashabou $5.50 Flashabou $4.75
Holographic Flashabou
Mirage Flashabou $4.95 Glow-in-the-Dark Flashabou $5.50
Mirage Flashabou Glow in the dark Flashabou
Fluoro Fiber $4.25 Grizzly Krystal Flash $4.50
Fluoto Fiber Grizzly Krystal Flask