Great Lakes Spey Shop


Welcome to the Great Lakes Spey Shop, the midwest´s home to all things Spey. We stock two handed rods from Sage, Redington, Winston, Scott, Seele, Templefork Outfitters, and ECHO. Reels from Abel, Ross, Lamson, Nautilus, and Hardy. Scandinavian heads from Airflo and Rio, along with many spey lines from Scientific Anglers and Rio. And we have the knowledge and experience to help you select what you need if you are confused by the number of possibilities, (it certainly can be confusing).

We enjoy using two handed fly rods in the pursuit of all types of fish. We use what we sell, and we fish many of the same rivers that you do, we can help you select the appropriate rod, reel, line, leader and flies to make your fishing more enjoyable.

We also enjoy fishing with beautiful flies, both classic and contemporary, be sure to check out our inventory of tubes and tying supplies specifically selected for Spey and Scandinavian styles of flies with tubes and cones from Heritage Angling Products.

You won´t find any "buy now" buttons on our site. We know and understand that not all packages of any natural material are the same, so call us toll free at 800-303-0567, or email us with your specific needs and we will select the best package we have to meet your needs, if you are not satisfied with our selection, simply return it for credit or exchange.

Be sure to also check out the comparison of similar materials, (on the tying materials page), by local experts, each offering their opinions of their favorite materials, Comparing Arctic Fox Tail, Finn Coon Tail and Temple Dog hair as used in Scandinavian style tube flies. Comparing hackle from many different sources including, Blue eared pheasant, selected spey schlappen, dyed over white pheasant, green pheasant and spey plumes.

Fly Casting Instructionals

Booked around your schedule two-handed or single-handed on the river $40.00 an hour.

Fly fishing Instructional

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, we offer instruction to fit every level of ability.

Learn how to improve your casting, fly tying, practical entomology, and fishing techniques. Private instruction can be tailored to fit your abilities.

On-stream or in the classroom, our expert instructors can make everyone a better angler. Four hours on the river covering all that you need to learn all the secrets of fly fishing.

$125.00 for one person. $200.00 for two.

We can provide all the equipment if needed.